Customer Reviews

Below you will find some reviews made by real people who have purchased salves from Bee Lunar Company. I have left them anonymous for their privacy, but these are honest and true! Some of them you can find in my reviews section of my website. 

Anonymous - Colorado
"This stuff is seriously amazing. All other lotions sting and cause red blotches when I put them on my dry skin, not this stuff. I'm sticking with this salve from now on. I love the lavender but there are lots of other scents available."

Anonymous - New Hampshire
"I've been seeking something organic and beneficial to put on my sensitive skin and this stuff is awesome!! My new regimen consists of using the lavender salve every night and morning. It's flattering, soothing and feels amazing on my skin! Highly suggest."

Anonymous - Illinios
"I recently ordered a beeswax eucalyptus salve from the Bee Lunar Company. At first, I opened it and couldn't smell anything. But when I used it the smell was definitely there. So don't just open it and assume there is no smell. Also, the first time that I used it, it took care of the red "rash" I had on my hands from constant hand washing and wearing gloves(I work with food). I had bee putting cetaphil cream lotion on for a few days and that helped but didn't take care of it fully. But this salve took care of the rash that wouldn't go away, after one use! I look forward to purchasing the other scents of tea tree and lemon. Thank you Sara for making such a great product!"

Anonymous - New Hampshire
"I got the citrus salve and it is AMAZING (so much that my mom stole it from me). 12/10 recommend from both of us!"

Texas - Anonymous

"High quality, wonderful smelling products! Arrived super fast!"

New Hampshire - Anonymous

"I love Bee Lunar products! Just received the whipped salve and it is rich, moisturizing and great for your whole body, especially just shaved legs. Also fabulous to find a company that offers fragrance free products for those of us with allergies. Can’t wait to try the scrubs!"

Texas - Anonymous

"OMG !!! I got the Stress and Anxiety with Rosemary and Eucalyptus Absolutely love it it really works not greasy at all. and the smell don't and stick but in the mean time its working and you don't need much I would recommend to family and friends even people I don't know absolutely buy and try yourself you will love it too"

 "Always the best
I never want to put anything on my face unless Sara makes it. This lotion is THE BEST." 

"Foaming scrub
All time favs is the foaming body scrubs , its so refreshing and your skin is so soft afterwards. I have also fallen in love with the unscented face lotion, it's moisturizing without greasy skin. Love these products!"