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Lavender Sandalwood Perfume Roll On

Lavender Sandalwood Perfume Roll On

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These perfume body oils are a great way to be the confident person, because they're so portable that you can apply anytime, anywhere. They are made with 2 ingredients, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil and Fragrances/Essential Oils. The scent lasts for a couple of hours, but reapply as desired! Plus where you apply it dry skin will be soothed!

Wear as perfume:

Apply to your pulse points, these are places that warm up and diffuse the fragrance across the entire body. The pulse points are normally exposed and deliver a slower but more interesting scent flow.

Here is where it should be applied:
Wrists – a popular place for perfume application
Temples – applying perfume to the temples is known to release stress
Behind ears/neck – this is the best way to apply perfume and create a sense of silage
Collar bones – the alluring smell has a better effect when applied on the collar bones
Behind knees – the application behind the knees provides muted and subtle aura.

Secret Tip: Apply it on the top of your ears. The top of the ears is oilier than the skin behind them, so the fragrance will hold better on oily skin. Go over the rollerball over the tips or the ears and the scent will lock in.

10ml glass rollerball
One bottle per quantity purchased.

*Please message me for specific information on any scents that you may be interested in. I may be able to accommodate.

Our fragrance oils are a mix of synthetic and essential oils to create a certain smell/fragrance. Please do not purchase if you are concerned with allergies.

Disclaimer: The item on this listing is not connected to the manufacturers, distributors, or owners of the designer’s original fragrances or companies. The names are used to describe the type of fragrance scent.

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